Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I RECENTLY REALISED THAT God is some form of energy that if harnessed can bring eternal peace. Energy levels of the atom were first described by Bohr Bury in chemistry. The human body is made up of innumerable atoms each having a particular energy forms. We are the part of Panch Tatwa. The five elements earth, vayu, agni, jal and akash or space. How beautifully nature got four assembled in the space called the body. Human body is best described by biologists through the organ system. Now the question arises as to how to harness that energy that would provide permanency to the soul. That is how to attain Godliness. That energy has led to innumerable search. I could get to it through chanting mantras, through deep meditation but what engulfs this energy is darkness, bhay and to overcome this bhay is another challenging task. Something that the renounced souls could do and the common man cannot.

वेदिक मन्त्र गाने तन्त्र
इनका ग्यान या जानकारी या इनका अर्थ जानना इतना जरुरी नही हे जितना इनका प्र्भाव मेह्सूस करना.
ईश्ववर एक अनुभूति हे. वह किसी जाति, बनधन या आकार का नही.अकसर हम अपनी अभिलाशा की पूरा करने के लिये उसके साकार रुप का ध्यान करते है.यह समय हामारी तरफ़ से ईश्वर की परीकश्रा का होता है. जब हम ईश्वर की परीश्रा लेते है तो यदि वह हमारी बात पर ध्यान नही देता तब हम एक नादान बालक के समान उसके विरूद्ध हो जाते है. अनायास ही उससे अपनी नाराजगी जाहिर कर देते है.वह कोई इन्सान तो है नही कि तोफे ला कर हमे कुश कर दे. एसे समय मे हम यदी हम सोचे तो हमे पता चलेगा कि आज जिस द्रिद्र्ता या दुख से हम गुजर रहे है वह हमारी किसी पुरानी सोच का नतीजा है.वह सोच जो हमने अपने या किसी के लिये सोची थी. ईश्वर एक उर्जा है जो हममे है और सरे जगत मे है, वायू मदल मे विदयमान है. आप अपनी सोच के द्वरा इसे अपनी ओर खीचते है.
वेदिक मिन्त्र एक तरीका है इस ऊरजा को सन्चालित करने का.हम ध्यान, मन्त्र, तनत्र द्वारा अपनी सोच को या कामाना को जल्दी प्राप्त कर सकते है.परन्तु ध्यान रहे कि किस चीज का प्रयोग किस प्रकार करना है. य़दि मधुमय के रोगी को अत्यधिक   शुगर दोगे तो नतीजा भुगतना या भोगना होगा.
यह भी एक अनुभूति है. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


United we stand divided we fall.
Unity is an age old proof towards highlighting the ill done to people by the power holders. The concept of unity came as man turned into a social being; trying to establish and reestablish himself towards progress. Unity to achieve a set object can even be seen in lower creatures specially ants. The tiniest of creatures show socialism and strength through unity. They manage huge loads through unity. True as it is ‘united we stand and divided we fall.’ The last memorable events of unity in my mind come from the time women worked for liberalization. The real strength of women thus came to be noticed and acknowledged by the world. They thus established a position in the society and thus slow but steady developments took place in the life of women who turned from their kitchen hearths to participate in the construction of the society and escalating the heights of the universe in various spheres of life. Another beautiful example of unity that I feel essential to place is the fight for independence in various nations of the world. One of them is India, my motherland. Unity of thought and action led to the non violent means of obtaining freedom. Here the real strength of unity and brotherhood came into focus. Man’s trust in the strength of people as one came into limelight. Unity was thus considered to fight the ill done to humanity. The silent promise of one human to cooperate with another for a common cause is the real test and reflection of the might of the most humble beings. The various examples that historic events quote are news for the other nations. It comes into true realization when we experience it in our life. Gandhiji’s  and various other freedom fighters sacrifice resulted in action through unity that we all understand. The present fight by Sri Anna Hazare is another landmark in the present demand the government for working on smooth grounds. Indians are sick of corruption at every level. Lots of us face it everyday but accepted it as we do not possess that leadership quality. We see and face corruption at every sphere of our life. We get angry, agonized, shout at our worthless self; praise the ones who fought against corruption in the past and then adjust sound by explaining ourselves that we have a family to take care of, corruption is everywhere how can we help etc. Then we resolve to the routine and get humbly used to the corrupt forms of working. Sri Anna Hazare raised his voice and we waited for others to follow and then a few others joined the campaign and we were happy. Once again the might of strength and unity came to the winning stride. It really energizes our cowardly beings and we feel yes that’s the right thing. United we stand divided we fall. A salute to the strength of unity.