Sunday, 25 September 2011

I found my conscience, did u?

One dark chilly winter morning
As I lay awake in the world of slumber
I saw my conscience hidden
In a dark corner.
Neither did I creep,
Nor did I curb,
I wonder why?
I didn’t stir.
And life took its normal course
Disdainful lover or
Splendid spouse
At times a musical note of love
At times a gruesome baritone
Sometimes it appeared as majestic height
Sometimes it disappeared as a sigh
I wandered up and down the scales of life’s music
A melody, a comedy and a filthy fly
Until, until, the day spring reappeared
Inquiring floral morals of life
Oh! Dear
Then, tis then, I remembered…
My conscience was hiding in a dark corner.

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