Tuesday, 29 March 2011


It was his first love not my
He met me by the hour of daylight
His eyes radiant with the lovers shine
He tried and tried to express his feelings
Sad it was that mine were blind
He loved me and wanted to relate
But my world was a different game
I loved flowers, trees and nature
Love at first sight …
Not my kind
It was his first love not my.

He hovered around me day and night
I looked at him once but without delight
He lingered around my abode
I thought an idiot at work
No learning, no teaching were his style to me
His life I governed that never occurred to me
It was his first love not my….

I loved the school bell, I loved the temple
I loved the sparrows that visited my home
I loved the thick pine and fir
I loved to hum like a humming bird
I loved all that nature could give
One thing I missed was the love of his…

So off he went with a heavy heart
And before that just to start
He startled me by passing his love to me
Through a few friends or relatives
I howled and spat and even sprang
 To eat up the fellows through who love was expressed…

And then it was over life took its stead
Until; until the same path even I tread
I understood his love as I grew
The woods                            
The twigs even the branches bloomed
I looked for him and hunted the earth
To say my apologies of yesterday
But tomorrow was nevertheless astray
My lover I think
I had slayed.

He was nowhere in the hills and valleys
He haunted my dreams but not really
Then I mumbled my being through nature’s force
I thought one day he will come home
But he never returned my hopes were dope
And then I settled until just yesterday…
My love I found happy and gay
With a new love he had found
And until this day
I sit regretting of the past
How fast men changed; how fast?
He fails to even recognize me
True it was his first love not my
It was his first love or my???

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  1. This one touched a deep chord somewhere. Fisrt love-no one can understand except the two bound by it